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Apricot Cranberry Pork

Apricot, cranberries and pork is a combination that would not be the first thing that popped into my mind.  I guess that’s probably why I am not in the recipe development business.  I found a recipe for pork tenderloin with … Continue reading

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Solar Flares

Apparently there was a huge solar eruption yesterday.  For those of us who love the Northern Lights, this would be excellent news, except that the storm did not seem to be aimed at Earth.  Disappointing.  However, this is made less … Continue reading

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Ah, Winter

We had our first blizzard of the year last Friday and Saturday.  I think we got about a foot of snow, but it was hard to tell, because the lovely east wind blew it all into 3 foot drifts in … Continue reading

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A Recommendation

  This post is brought to you by the amazingly easy and delicious cake that I made this weekend for Bible Study.  The next time you see berries on sale at your grocery store/fruit truck/backyard and you can get your … Continue reading

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Funfetti Cupcakes

When there are so many fun, interesting and delicious looking (and complicated!) cupcake recipes out there, you sometime forget about the simpler ones.  You know, the ones that it takes about an hour total to make, bake and frost.  No … Continue reading

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New Toys

I was in the city last weekend for an annual conference, and while there, I made two different trips to the camera store, one planned and one spur of the moment.  I went the first time to buy a lens … Continue reading

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