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A Cat in a Sunbeam

Oscar has two different chairs that are his.  One is a kitchen chair in front of the dining room window where he can survey his outdoor domain whilst remaining inside where it is both sunny and not windy.  His other … Continue reading

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French Toast Cupcakes

A couple of years ago, it was all the rage for food blogs, food competetion shows, food magazines, to include bacon in all sorts of things that perhaps might be better without crumbled meat.  Like ice cream, or baked in … Continue reading

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Snow Canyon

After one more morning of slowly digging through the giant snowbank, the snow canyon was complete.  The calves got to go outside without us having to worry about them escaping over the fence, so all was well. Then, just for … Continue reading

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Clearing Snow

The calves wanted to go outside of their barn, in the hopes that winter will soon leave us.  Which would be fine except that half their fence is buried under large drifts that they can easily cross, and then they … Continue reading

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Flowers in Jars

One of my best friends was married yesterday.  Just after I got back from Hawaii, she asked if I would make the flowers for the pews, and help with other decorations, and I agreed.  So last Wednesday, I packed up … Continue reading

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The Green Monster

I love Booster Juice.  When I lived in the city, if I was going to be at the mall for most of the afternoon grocery shopping and whatnot, I would usually go have a Booster Juice smoothie for lunch.  It’s … Continue reading

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It’s Spring?

(Huh, well, I wrote this post 3 days ago, but for some reason when I hit publish, it saved it to drafts, which I only noticed today.  WordPress is strange sometimes.) Well, it actually did feel a little more like … Continue reading

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