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Operation Shower Cake

We’re having a triple wedding shower at church tomorrow night.  Yes, triple.  The three brides are all not extremely well known by most of the congregation, so to make it a little easier on the brides, we decided to do … Continue reading

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Winter is Back

So back in January/February we had a lot of May-like weather.  Well, now the weather is doing the other side of the swap.  Since we had spring weather in winter, we shall now have winter weather in spring.  Since this … Continue reading

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Yellow Birds

It seems like all the birds are back from their southern winter vacations.  Even now, when it seems like it is raining every morning when I wake up, I can hear birds chirping away outside my window.  It gives it … Continue reading

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Fertilizer is kind of strange stuff.  It gives the seeds good stuff to munch on while they are growing, so it is a useful thing as well.  All the little parts are something different for the plant.  One is nitrogen, … Continue reading

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Colour Mix

Hello, blog world.  I have not posted in a little bit, although this time it is not due to any sort of travel.  Well, technically, I guess it is travel, since I am driving a vehicle back and forth on … Continue reading

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Pink Grapefruit

Grapefruit is what I consider a winter fruit.  Up here, in winter, the fruit that does not cost five or six dollars a pound is fruit like citrus, apples, bananas, etc.  It’s all good stuff, and I like it, but … Continue reading

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