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Rainbow Deficiency

In the past two weeks we have experienced much more cloudy weather than sunny.  Actually, more than just cloudy.  It was rainy.  The most unfortunate thing was that even though some of that rain came in thunderstorms, they always ended … Continue reading

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Slow Sunset

We finished all seeding related tasks last week, which was a great relief, since it has now been raining for several days straight.  And I was getting kind of tired of sitting in the tractor for hours at a time, … Continue reading

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A Birthday Cake

One of the perks of having baking abilities is getting to choose what you want to make for a birthday cake.  Generally I have a long list of potential cakes, but this year I desired chocolate.  Just chocolate.  And then … Continue reading

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Strobe Lights

A little over a week ago we spent most of the day under a tornado watch.  That’s always fun.  Happily, no tornado developed, but we did get a pretty big storm out of the day.  I’m sure there is nothing … Continue reading

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Strawberry Margaritas

Well, more like strawberry fake-aritas.  Since I just didn’t add the liquor that the original recipe calls for.  More accurately, it’s just stawberry limeade with sparkling water added to make them a bit fizzy, but fake-arita has a better ring … Continue reading

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