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It snowed here again today, kind of like the other weekend.  It all stuck to the roads, made driving treacherous, and looked really nice.  Now everything is covered in a nice, fluffy white blanket.  Too bad the roads are also … Continue reading

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I went to the barn today with the intention of taking pictures of my kittens who always sit up on top of the milk tank.  The very top.  So, of course, since I wanted them to be there, they weren’t … Continue reading

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This unusually warm weather means that Oscar gets to go outside again during the day.  I am a fan of this, since it helps him get rid of some energy outside, which in turn means that he doesn’t hide behind … Continue reading

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Chocolate Awesomeness

That really is the only way to describe this cake.  We had a fundraising dinner for the camp that I attended when I was a kid, and my family volunteered to make the supper, so I said I would bring … Continue reading

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There’s a cattle/farm show in this section of the world known as Agribition.  It’s mostly cattle, but in past years, with the expansion of several buildings on the ground, it has grown to include quite a few equipment exhibitors, and … Continue reading

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It’s Back

The frost, that is.  That weird fog from yesterday night left a really thick layer of frost on everything this morning.  It really feels like winter the first time you wake up and see that everything is covered in frost, … Continue reading

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After the blast of winter we had last week, this week has been much springier.  The snow is kind of melting, although it seems to be devolving into ice instead, which is not so fun.  Hopefully it stays warm enough … Continue reading

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