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Hello faithful readers and random spammers.  Florida is very nice and warm, and it is very pretty here.  I have also decided to just do pictures once I get home.  It is easier that way since I don’t really have … Continue reading

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So this post is an update, with no pictures, yet.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll get to post some.  We made it to Orlando with no problems, made our connecting flight in Toronto even with an insane customs lineup.  Who knew so … Continue reading

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Flip flops

First a special announcement.  I am leaving on a trip to Florida tonight!  Hooray for trips!  Which means that the blogging itself might be sporadic between now and next Friday.  I will definitely be taking pictures every day, and my … Continue reading

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Brownie Sunday

You know when you go to Boston Pizza and it is your birthday and you get sung to (embarrassing, but at least there are no giant antlers involved), and you get one of those tasty brownies with the ice cream?  … Continue reading

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I have been watching the MasterChef Australia TV series on youtube.  I enjoy watching cooking competition shows like that, and this one is probably my favourite, since most of the people aren’t trained cooks, they are just people who love … Continue reading

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More flowers

It is probably a well established fact now that I like flowers.  They are so cheery and bright, as long as the deer aren’t eating them.  Fortunately, the deer seem to stay away from my flower beds.  They would rather … Continue reading

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Deer food

There is a herd of deer that live in the trees behind my house.  They are generally only there in the summer time, I am not sure where they go in the winter.  They are extremely annoying however.  They eat … Continue reading

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