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On the Field

We finished the canola yesterday, which was nice, considering the wind was a breezy 80km/h for most of the afternoon.  Happily it didn’t wreak too much havoc on our swaths and from the looks of some of the neighbour’s field, … Continue reading

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Purple Bouquet

For the first time in several years, I get to enjoy my gladiolas.  The deer had been making salads of them  up until this year.  They haven’t touched them yet, so I get to cut them and take them inside … Continue reading

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The Moustache Gene

The day that I took pictures of the little guys also happened to be the day the older ones were feeling pose-y.  So I obliged.  Even though these are all over a year old, I still think they are just … Continue reading

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We usually have two rounds of kittens.  One round in the spring (those are 4-5 months old), and one round about now.  This litter is about 3 weeks old.  So cute, even if one does have an unfortunate resemblance to … Continue reading

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Thunderstorm Watch

We’ve had a somewhat humid and warm summer here.  That has resulted in quite a few thunderstorm watches and warnings, and we even spent one whole day in a tornado warning.  That is unusual for this area.  We get the … Continue reading

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