Whenever spring arrives, my barn cats can’t get outside fast enough.  They stay in the barn all winter, fitting as many as possible on top of the water heater, but once they have determined that the temperature outside is adequate, you have to watch out when opening any doors, because they’ll trip you on their way out.  Then you can’t really get them all back in, except at feeding time.

It is always extra exciting for last year’s kittens, who have never experienced spring before.  They just know they’ve been cooped up for months.  So they go a little crazy once outside is available for use.  They follow you all over the yard, attempt to help with changing oil in the tractors, and zoom around in the grass.  And then they can barely keep their eyes open long enough to eat in the evenings.  These two were the only ones who would hold relatively still, just imagine 6 or 7 more doing the same things.

Spring 2015 266_resize Spring 2015 274_resize

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Pi Day Returns!

It’s Pi Day once again!  This year, it is an extra special Pi day, because it is the year 2015, therefore, depending on how many milleseconds back you take it, you can list pi out for quite a while.  I only go to the seconds on the clock.  So at 9:26 and 53 seconds, you have the first ten digits of pi – 3.141592653.  Fun!  It only happens once a century.

I picked a fall/Thanksgiving type pie this year.  I couldn’t decide between a Caramel Spiked Pumpkin Pie and an Apple Crisp Pie, so I combined the two to make a Caramel Spiked Apple Crisp Pie.  Kind of deviated from my yearly tradition of making the pie that Annie of Annie’s Eats made the year before, but I feel this one is pretty good too.

Spring 2015 022_resize

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Mail Call

The worst part of ordering things online is waiting for them to get here.  That is why the person who invented tracking numbers should be given a gold star.  You can watch your parcel make its slow way across the country, or continent, or world, until it gets to you.  So, when you order something, and the tracking number they provide doesn’t work, you just have to wait it out.

My friend and I took advantage of an online nail polish promotion, in which we got three colours for free, and the company then added three mini-bottles of three different surprise colours.  So really, six colours for free, plus shipping, of course, but still much cheaper than paying for all six, and shipping.  The tracking numbers they gave us didn’t work for unknown reasons, so we had to wait.  Until, finally, last week they arrived.  It is quite exciting to receive the little card in the mailbox that tells you there is a parcel, and you know it’s what you’ve been waiting for.

Fall 2014 755_resize Fall 2014 762_resize Fall 2014 761_resize

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We have not had as much snow this year as we have had the last couple winters.  At least, not yet, it is only February after all.  Still plenty of time for large blizzards worth of snow to hit us before spring is actually here.

It’s been kind mild, too, so if there is precipitation, it is kind of a sleety, pellet type of snow.  Not nice fluffy snowflakes.  Yesterday, though, we did have nice snowflakes for a little while.  It was even cold enough so that when they landed on hard surfaces they didn’t melt right away.  Fall 2014 726_resizeFall 2014 740_resize

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Birthday Train

My nephew’s first birthday was last week and we had his train themed party on Sunday afternoon.  I made marble cupcakes for the train cars to carry, and it all looked pretty fun.  He also got his own personal cake that he sucked the frosting off of, without really smashing the rest of the cake.  This resulted in him getting icing everywhere.  But, it’s his birthday, so I guess he is allowed to do what he wants.

Fall 2014 629_resize Fall 2014 612_resize

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Peanut Butter Day

It is apparently Peanut Butter Day.  By strange coincidence, there has been a Peanut Butter Oreo ice cream recipe bookmarked on my laptop for weeks.  Yesterday, when I decided to make said ice cream, I had no idea that today was Peanut Butter Day, but it worked out quite well.   The ice cream worked out quite well too, as a matter of fact.

Fall 2014 561b

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Oh, sorry, were you working on this puzzle?  I was unaware.

Fall 2014 537_resize

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