Best of 2016

I sort of let my posting on my blog fall by the wayside this past year.  Which is really too bad, because I took a rather large amount of photos this year.  Nearly as many as I did the very first year I had the blog, I just didn’t post them.  This year in review post, then, will not be links to previous posts like in other years; instead I will post my favourites from the year all in this post…so it might be a bit of a long post!  Happy New Year!


















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Happy Thanksgiving, Lalala

With all the snow this week, it felt more like Christmas than Thanksgiving, but the calendar says it is only October, so turkey day it is.  I promised a friend of mine, Krysta, that since she beat me to posting the annual Thanksgiving greeting card on facebook, that I would torment her with pie pictures.  So, I thought, why deprive the general internet of the same fate?  These are the ones I made:  Lemon meringue tart (dough and meringue from a recipe book, filling from here), raspberry chiffon, pumpkin pie (family secret recipe) and my very favourite chocolate silk pie, a previous PI Day entry, I do believe.   I didn’t get to taste the lemon or raspberry, but they were all gone, so I choose to believe they were tasty.  Maybe next Pi Day.  fall-2016-150_resize fall-2016-131_resizefall-2016-140_resize fall-2016-129_resize


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Canada Day, 2016

Most people who know me, know of my love of fireworks.  If there is an occasion where I can buy fireworks, and then cheerfully set them off, I will do so.  You can waste a lot of money pretty quick when you decide to have fireworks, so I have to be a little choosy about when I actually buy them.  So far this year, I’ve had the pleasure of doing it three times, and I am just as excited every time.

Now, as good as the ones I can buy are (there are certain types that are better, just so you know), the ones that the city buys for Canada Day are better (usually).  It stands to reason, they should have more than 200 bucks to spend.  This year, they had two nights of fireworks (yay), one set on July 1, and one set on the last day of the fair the next night and I went to both, of course.  The second night was rather disappointing, perhaps they spent all the money on the first night, but the ones on Canada Day were pretty great.spring-2016-1829_resize spring-2016-1839_resize spring-2016-1850_resize spring-2016-1861_resize spring-2016-1882_resize spring-2016-1896_resize spring-2016-1903_resize


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The Return

Um, whoops.  I did not actually forget about this space in the internet, it’s just sort of fallen by the wayside accidentally.  I intend to rectify that mistake.  And since the last post, ages ago, was a panorama, I thought I’d continue in that theme, and show some of the other ones I’ve done since I figured it out in photoshop.  It’s fun to make them, so I did it a lot this summer.

Storm:panorama2_resize Grasslands National Park:grasslands_resizeView from Castle Butte:castlebutte_resizeView from Conglomerate Cliffs, Cypress Hills Interprovincial Parkcypress_resize

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I’ve always like panoramic photos.  And even though I have Photoshop, I had never bothered to figure out how to combine a set of photos into a panoramic view.  However, it has been raining here recently, and so one evening I decided to look up tutorials on youtube, because you can find tutuorials for pretty much everything on youtube.  So I followed the directions, which were quite a bit easier than I expected, and two minutes later, I had successfully created a panorama.

Spring 1018_resize

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Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day once again!  Last year was a fruit pie, this year was a pudding/chocolate pie.  A Mocha Coconut pie, to be exact.  I made it at Thanksgiving last year too, but didn’t get to try a piece, so my choice was a pretty easy one this time.  It’s kind of a fail pie, since the filling didn’t quite set firmly enough to slice properly.  More of a pie trifle once you get it onto the plate.  Ah well, it still tastes good.

Spring 2016 011_resize

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Oreo Ice Cream Cake

Long time, no post, it seems.  I have a whole bunch, just have never uploaded them onto here. But now I shall do some again.  For my nephew’s third birthday back in August, I created an ice cream cake.  It had a layer of chocolate cake on the bottom to provide some stability and then two litres or so of homemade vanilla ice cream with crushed/chopped Oreos stirred in.  It was really good, in my opinion, but I am a fan of all things ice cream and all things cake.  He referred to it for days as muffin ice cream, haha.

Spring 2015 1603_resize

Spring 2015 1620_resize

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