Happy Canada Day!

This post contains only fireworks.  Because they are my favourite.  And it is Canada Day.

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Between Storms

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There has not been much rain this spring.  Except for a couple of thunderstorms, it’s been pretty dry.  One day, though, two different storms went past (mostly to the north), one right after the other, while another was farther south.  … Continue reading

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Another Birthday Cake

This time, it was a rhubarb cake with strawberries and cream filling and vanilla icing.  And it was delicious.  There are even several pieces residing in my freezer for when a cake craving hits.

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Dust Shadows

It was very calm one evening close to the end of seeding.  Every time someone drove down the road, the dust hung in the air for a very long time.  Since the sun was setting, it caused the trees to throw shadows in the dust.  Even though I was still kind of far away from the trees, it did look quite neat.

Spring 2015 431_resize

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Last year when I was seeding the field in this picture, I was trying to seed fast enough to outrun the large storm that was headed for me.  I did not succeed.  This year, there were clouds again, but not nearly as threatening.  They were just drifting on by, not intending to cause any problems at all.  Thanks, clouds.  Oh and the reason why this picture looks a little weird is because I took it through my newly repaired windshield, and there is a reflection.  I liked it anyway.

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One fine day this spring, I was moving the tractor and drill down the road, on my way to seed my land, and a semi approaching from the other direction did not slow down enough.  The trailer threw a rock at my windshield, and it made a very loud noise, and shattered instantly into a zillion little pieces.  The rock, thankfully, did not actually come right through the windshield, and the glass all fell straight down instead of exploding inward at my face, so that was nice.  But it was kind of an expensive inconvenience, since we had to seed the next two days with no windshield, which was both loud and not terribly comfortable.

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Vanilla Caramel Latte Cake

Ok, so this is an old photo from back in April.  Two of my friends have birthdays on the same day and they both like coffee.  Since this cake was on the list for my own birthday cake, I decided to make that list shorter and make it for theirs.  The caramel topping didn’t cook for quite long enough so it ran off the cake right away instead of dripping nicely over the sides, but it was still delicious.  I also brushed each cake layer with a coffee syrup several times, just to make it even better.  And it was delicious in the end even if the caramel kind of fled the top of the cake.

Spring 2015 117

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