Pi(e) Day, 2019 Edition!

It’s upon us once again!  The annual day for the celebration of the circle, by making and eating a (generally) circular pastry.  This year I went with a fruit option again, a peach pie.  It’s been a long, cold winter, and peaches make a person think of summer.  Sadly, I had no peaches in my freezer from last year, so I had to buy some frozen ones.  They are still good, just not quite as sweet or juicy as fresh.  Nevertheless, they make a pretty decent pie, I’d say.  Definitely good enough to remind us it is almost summer.

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Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream

It’s National Ice Cream Month!  The end of it at least.  Hopefully you celebrated this most delicious of months often.  I tried to do my part by both making a few kinds and visiting the ice cream store in town to try various kinds.  The one I made today is a version of one of my favourite flavours at Dairy King: NY Cherry Cheesecake.  And now that I have my very own container of it in the freezer, that makes it easier to choose something different at the place in town!

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Pi(e) Day 2018!

It’s Pi Day again!  Just like every other Pi Day since I discovered it was a thing, I struggled to choose just one pie to create.  This year I went with an intriguing choice called the Grapefruit Custard Pie (made with my own crust, not her gluten free one).  Grapefruit isn’t really the first citrus fruit one thinks of when thinking of pie, but it was really quite good.  I piped and torched some meringue swirls around the edge, because meringue seems to belong on citrus-y pies.  And this post is sneaking in just under the wire of it still being March 14, no thanks to a cranky camera cord, ha.  But I prevailed!  Pie photos for everyone!  (Upon editing this photo, I realized it sort of resembled Pac Man, ha.  Too late to change it now!)

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Oatmeal Raisin Ice Cream

I know that people have strong feelings about oatmeal raisin cookies.  Especially since sometimes they tend to hide their raisin-ness and fake being chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.  For some reason this ends in severe disappointment to the person who wanted chocolate chip and ended up with raisin.  I happen to like both, so it’s not such a major disappointment.  Sorry, oatmeal raisin, but oatmeal chocolate chip cookies will always have the preferential treatment.

However, this is ice cream month and time to celebrate all flavours equally.  Except for a select few, there really are hardly any bad ice cream flavours that I have either made or tasted.  I had not attempted this oatmeal raisin one yet, and decided this was an excellent time to do so.  I didn’t really see how it could be bad, and I was right, it’s delicious.  (Not quite as good as cookie dough, but don’t tell this stuff I said that.)

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Happy 150th, Canada!

This gallery contains 9 photos.

For those of you living under a rock, or in a country that is not Canada, we celebrated our country’s 150th birthday this weekend!  They had two nights of fireworks in town, Friday and Saturday, undoubtedly annoying all the dogs … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous Things

Just like the title says, I couldn’t decide which pictures were the ones I most wanted to post.  So it’s going to be a conglomeration of things instead.   Mostly spring things, like a crocus, and a hawk on a cloudy day, and a cool old house or two I visited on a recent photo tour, and a storm sneaking up on us during seeding.

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Pi(e) Day 2017!

It’s that time of year again!  When we celebrate Pi and the circular shape by creating and eating fantastical pie creations.  I mean, I guess we could bake circular cookies or cake or pizza or whatever, but since Pi sounds like and is only one letter from Pie, it seems to be meant to be.  This year’s pie is a Peanut Butter Banana Split Pie.  It was supposed to be a banana cream pie, but the filling had a banana liquer in it and ever since an unfortunate illness when I was a kid that led to banana flavoured penicillin I just cannot eat banana flavoured things without gagging.  So I made vanilla filling, and that seemed to taste like ice cream sort of, and so I renamed it.  The filling seemed like it was going to stay liquidy and sloshy until I gave it a stern talking to.  Then it set up, and I could get a nice slice out, for you all to drool over.  Happy Pi(e) Day!

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