Night Storm

On Saturday afternoon and evening there was a series of thunderstorms going around the countryside.  On the way home from the racetrack, there was a storm going on east of me, lots of sheet lightning and thunder.  I debated just going home since it was practically midnight, and I had been working at the track for the past 9 hours.  But then I thought, tomorrow is Sunday and I can nap in the afternoon.  I already had my camera along, so decided it was worth it to sit on the field and watch for a while until it moved too far away.  I’m quite pleased I decided to do so.

Spring 2015 1207_resize Spring 2015 1187b_resize Spring 2015 1205b_resize Spring 2015 1191b_resize

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Camping, sorta

This is kind of out of order since I already covered the Canada Day fireworks, but I forgot to add these after our church camp weekend.  They rented a camp not too far from here, and most of us stayed in cabins, which kind of makes it not actual camping.  Some people brought trailers and stayed in those.  The weather even cooperated with us, except for a bit of wind.

On Saturday afternoon, my friend and I went driving around the back roads with no set destination.  We saw an old abandoned farmhouse.  The windows were gone but the curtains were still there and they were fluttering in the breeze out the open windows.  For some reason, that makes abandoned building 100% creepier than if there are no curtains.  We did not stop there.  We did stop at a little old church, which the sign told us was 103 years old.

Spring 2015 890_resize Spring 2015 944_resize

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Happy Canada Day!

This post contains only fireworks.  Because they are my favourite.  And it is Canada Day.

Spring 2015 1009_resize Spring 2015 1017_resize Spring 2015 1027_resize Spring 2015 1070_resize Spring 2015 1112_resize

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Between Storms

There has not been much rain this spring.  Except for a couple of thunderstorms, it’s been pretty dry.  One day, though, two different storms went past (mostly to the north), one right after the other, while another was farther south.  It was just the edge of both that went over here, a bit more north and south it was worse.  Mostly rain here, but a bunch of large hail in other places.  I took a picture in every direction.  It was only sunny for about 10 minutes, so excellent timing.

Spring 2015 782_resize Spring 2015 756_resize Spring 2015 759_resize Spring 2015 785_resize

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Another Birthday Cake

This time, it was a rhubarb cake with strawberries and cream filling and vanilla icing.  And it was delicious.  There are even several pieces residing in my freezer for when a cake craving hits.

Spring 2015 543_resize Spring 2015 580b_resize

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Dust Shadows

It was very calm one evening close to the end of seeding.  Every time someone drove down the road, the dust hung in the air for a very long time.  Since the sun was setting, it caused the trees to throw shadows in the dust.  Even though I was still kind of far away from the trees, it did look quite neat.

Spring 2015 431_resize

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Last year when I was seeding the field in this picture, I was trying to seed fast enough to outrun the large storm that was headed for me.  I did not succeed.  This year, there were clouds again, but not nearly as threatening.  They were just drifting on by, not intending to cause any problems at all.  Thanks, clouds.  Oh and the reason why this picture looks a little weird is because I took it through my newly repaired windshield, and there is a reflection.  I liked it anyway.

Spring 2015 352_resize

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