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Sun Dogs

Happy Halloween!  Since I do not get any trick or treaters out here, so I am headed off to a friends house.  Therefore today’s post will be short and sweet.  It rained today, and I think I saw a couple … Continue reading

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It is nice to not have snow yet, as I am sure the people in the States are already tired of winter and it’s not even winter yet.  Getting a large amount of now in October, seven weeks before the … Continue reading

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Sticking around

Apparently it snowed a little in various parts of the province today.  Not here, although I was sure it was going to for the past couple of days already.  The wind has been blowing and it’s been kind of cold … Continue reading

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Trifle has to be the easiest way to make a layered dessert in the history of cake.  Whoever invented it should get a gold star.  Actually it was probably created by accident; the cake broke into pieces as it was … Continue reading

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Rest stop

Yesterday, I went to pick up some scaffolding from a neighbour’s house, and on the way there I passed a field full of geese.  Just standing there, hanging out.  I am sure there were thousands of geese there.  There were … Continue reading

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For quite some time, I haven’t really liked raw bell peppers.  Just something about their taste didn’t really appeal to me.  And I really didn’t like them cooked, because they would get all mushy.  Mushy REALLY doesn’t appeal to me.  … Continue reading

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Today, well yesterday by the time I get this published, was chilly.  There was a cool northwest breeze all day, perfect for the geese to fly, and even though it was sunny, the temperature did not get very high.  All … Continue reading

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