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Cherry Crisp Ice Cream

There’s only one day left in Ice Cream Month!  I have certainly been doing my part in celebrating this most delicious of months, both in making ice cream and in eating it.  But mostly in eating it. I have a … Continue reading

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Another Birthday Cake

This time, it was a rhubarb cake with strawberries and cream filling and vanilla icing.  And it was delicious.  There are even several pieces residing in my freezer for when a cake craving hits.

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Pi Day Returns!

It’s Pi Day once again!  This year, it is an extra special Pi day, because it is the year 2015, therefore, depending on how many milleseconds back you take it, you can list pi out for quite a while.  I … Continue reading

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I haven’t made much jam in my life.  Some raspberry stuff a few years ago, but that’s about it.  However, there is no time like the present to do such things.  Especially when one buys way too much summer fruit, … Continue reading

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It is still ice cream month, and popsicles kind of qualify in my opinion.   Especially since these are more like strawberry frozen yogurt popsicles, than just plain popsicles.  I suppose I could have made ice cream and churned it part … Continue reading

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Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream

It’s ice cream month again!  Yay!  This means that once again, my ice cream barrel is regularly being traipsed up and down the stairs to the freezer.  In addition to it being ice cream season, it is also cherry season.  … Continue reading

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Happy 2014!

And now for my thirteen favourite posts from 2013.  I attempted to narrow it down to ten, but gave up.  Thirteen works since it was 2013.  Looking back, I noticed I did the same thing last year and did twelve … Continue reading

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