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One for one

I have terrible luck/skill at winning things.  When we were younger, my brother used to win raffles and things on a regular basis and I never did.  I bet I can count the number of times I have won something … Continue reading

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Project Completed

The bathroom is finally done.  We put in the sink faucet today and re-plumbed the sink, since this is a center sink, and the other one was a left sink.  So now, the shower walls are in, the room is … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

I don’t think there is much more to be said.  So here is a black and white of my very pretty (overpriced) roses.

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Lemony Fresh

Recently our grocery stores started carrying Meyer lemons.  Usually we just get the normal lemons, but apparently now we are special enough to get special lemons.  Which is good, because I had been wondering what was so different about them.  … Continue reading

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When I was in grade nine (I think), we did a unit on the Titanic.  I loved it.  We watched all sorts of documentaries, and read books and articles, and since I was in grade nine not long after the … Continue reading

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Baked Oatmeal, part II

In case you were all sitting on pins and needles waiting for a bathroom renovation update, it is going quite well.  The tub surround is in, and the drywall is patched and mudded (the mudding I even did myself, thank … Continue reading

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