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I’ve always like panoramic photos.  And even though I have Photoshop, I had never bothered to figure out how to combine a set of photos into a panoramic view.  However, it has been raining here recently, and so one evening … Continue reading

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Dust Shadows

It was very calm one evening close to the end of seeding.  Every time someone drove down the road, the dust hung in the air for a very long time.  Since the sun was setting, it caused the trees to … Continue reading

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Last year when I was seeding the field in this picture, I was trying to seed fast enough to outrun the large storm that was headed for me.  I did not succeed.  This year, there were clouds again, but not … Continue reading

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One fine day this spring, I was moving the tractor and drill down the road, on my way to seed my land, and a semi approaching from the other direction did not slow down enough.  The trailer threw a rock … Continue reading

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Harley discovered puddles yesterday.  Well, she’s been running through them for days now that the snow is melting, but she has now actually discovered that they can be used as an endless source of amusement.  When she puts her foot … Continue reading

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Happy 2014!

And now for my thirteen favourite posts from 2013.  I attempted to narrow it down to ten, but gave up.  Thirteen works since it was 2013.  Looking back, I noticed I did the same thing last year and did twelve … Continue reading

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Turn Around

Sometimes when I am taking pictures, I kind of zone in to what I am looking at in front of me.  For example, the other night, I was watching that jellyfish cloud.  I was focused on what it was doing … Continue reading

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Jellyfish Clouds

It rained for a good part of the day yesterday, which was good for some fields but bad for making progress at seeding.  It did make everything look nice and green again, and washed all the dust and dirt, left … Continue reading

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A Garden Walk

Well, not so much a walk as a slog through the mud.  My garden was kind of under water until the last couple of days.  Now that it is mostly drained, I can walk around in it, if I do … Continue reading

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It’s Spring?

(Huh, well, I wrote this post 3 days ago, but for some reason when I hit publish, it saved it to drafts, which I only noticed today.  WordPress is strange sometimes.) Well, it actually did feel a little more like … Continue reading

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