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Strawberry Margaritas

Well, more like strawberry fake-aritas.  Since I just didn’t add the liquor that the original recipe calls for.  More accurately, it’s just stawberry limeade with sparkling water added to make them a bit fizzy, but fake-arita has a better ring … Continue reading

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The Green Monster

I love Booster Juice.  When I lived in the city, if I was going to be at the mall for most of the afternoon grocery shopping and whatnot, I would usually go have a Booster Juice smoothie for lunch.  It’s … Continue reading

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Hot Chocolate Mix

Those marshmallows that I posted a week or so ago, were part of the table settings/gifts that I gave to friends at our annual Christmas supper.  The other part was this little jar of homemade hot cocoa mix.  Half of … Continue reading

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One for one

I have terrible luck/skill at winning things.  When we were younger, my brother used to win raffles and things on a regular basis and I never did.  I bet I can count the number of times I have won something … Continue reading

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Ginger Ale

I like ginger ale.  I like it even when I am not sick.  You’d think that my subconcious self would associate the ginger ale with being sick and would dislike it, but that is clearly not the case here.  I … Continue reading

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A toast

I love weddings.  I love going to them, and seeing the bride and groom so happy and smiley and such.  So yes, I was one of those people who woke up at an unearthly hour of the morning to watch … Continue reading

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Open happiness

Well, not really, but that’s what Coke wants you to think.  When I was in junior high, my Dad and I took our old Dodge grain truck on a road trip.  Which was a little sketchy, because the steering would … Continue reading

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Too cold? Pffft.

When you live in a place where the temperature tends to be below freezing for the better part of 7 months or so, you don’t wait for it to get warm enough before you start eating ice cream.  You just … Continue reading

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Perfect for reading.

It’s blizzarding here today.  (Also, wordpress thinks that ‘blizzarding’ is not a word.  Interesting.)  We were going to be emptying out bins with the Grain-Vac today, but those plans did not work out, because who wants to be out in … Continue reading

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A lazy Sunday afternoon…

…needs a good peppermint hot chocolate.  One of my favourite things about Christmas, even though it is over now, is the peppermint hot chocolate at Starbucks.  Alas, my hometown does not have a Starbucks, although that is likely a good … Continue reading

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