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Merry Christmas/Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a good Christmas with family and friends and food! Advertisements

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Pink Frost

It has now been several days in a row that we have not had any fog.  Kind of shocking.  The last day that all the trees were frosty there was a beautiful pink sunset which turned all the frosty trees … Continue reading

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The Caped Avenger

The Caped Avenger was the name of Garfield the cat’s superhero alter ego in the Garfield books that we had.  He’d wear his blanket around him like a cape and go in search of misbehaving hamburgers or whatever.  Ah, Garfield.  … Continue reading

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The Legislature at Christmas

I can’t remember if I have ever posted pictures of our provincial legistlative buildings.  I know I have taken some, but it may have been before this blog was created.  It’s a really pretty building, no matter the season.  In … Continue reading

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A Week of Fog

It seems like nearly every morning this week has started off with a thick blanket of fog.  Generally it burns off, but for a day or two it stuck around.  Just to make things more interesting, on Sunday it decided … Continue reading

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The Mighty Hunter

You may be starting to wonder if I still have my large grey cat, since it has been a long while since his picture has appeared on this blog.  The answer is yes, he is still here.  Still constantly trying … Continue reading

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