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So you may have noticed my absence from this blog.  I promise it was for a good reason.  A good friend and I took a week long vacation to the island of Kaua’i.  It was great.  I have about a … Continue reading

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Everyone knows that flower growers jack their prices right around Valentine’s Day.  Kind of like how gas stations jack their prices right before long weekends in the summer time.  And yet we still all buy what they are selling.  However, … Continue reading

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No, not the TV kind.  The ties-things-together/to-the-ground kind.  When I took those frosty pictures in the last post, I also took these, because the frost made the cables look like braids.  And the other post already had plenty of photos … Continue reading

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Frosty Things

It was foggy yesterday, and it is probably quite well known by now that I like frosty things.  So here are a few that I found today -Signs, alfalfa and of course, trees.  

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