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We have not had as much snow this year as we have had the last couple winters.  At least, not yet, it is only February after all.  Still plenty of time for large blizzards worth of snow to hit us … Continue reading

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Constant Fog

The week before Christmas we had fog straight through from Saturday until Thursday.  Heavy fog that left a thick layer of frost on everything.  Fog that caused the power to go out for nine hours at a time because of … Continue reading

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It’s Spring?

(Huh, well, I wrote this post 3 days ago, but for some reason when I hit publish, it saved it to drafts, which I only noticed today.  WordPress is strange sometimes.) Well, it actually did feel a little more like … Continue reading

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No, not the TV kind.  The ties-things-together/to-the-ground kind.  When I took those frosty pictures in the last post, I also took these, because the frost made the cables look like braids.  And the other post already had plenty of photos … Continue reading

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Frosty Things

It was foggy yesterday, and it is probably quite well known by now that I like frosty things.  So here are a few that I found today -Signs, alfalfa and of course, trees.  

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Pink Frost

It has now been several days in a row that we have not had any fog.  Kind of shocking.  The last day that all the trees were frosty there was a beautiful pink sunset which turned all the frosty trees … Continue reading

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A Week of Fog

It seems like nearly every morning this week has started off with a thick blanket of fog.  Generally it burns off, but for a day or two it stuck around.  Just to make things more interesting, on Sunday it decided … Continue reading

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