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Angel Food and Fireworks

By now I am sure we all know of my minor obsession with fireworks.  So, of course, after the idea came up that we should do fireworks at the conference, I had to make sure this happened.  We can by … Continue reading

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Well, I am working on editing my way through my pictures, and thought I would share some of the ones from early last week.  Mostly of decorating, both indoors and outdoors.  Our decorating committee did an amazing job.  They decided … Continue reading

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Busy, busy, busy

As I mentioned in my last post (a long time ago, yikes) this past week was a busy one.  We had a conference at church, and yesterday was the first day in a week that I did not spend most … Continue reading

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Crop Report

So the crops have mostly rebounded from last month’s cool, wettish weather.  Some spots got kind of drowny, but the rest seems to be ok.  Strangely, it seems to be the lentils which recovered the best.  Usually they are the … Continue reading

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I’ve been to my fair share of weddings the past five years.  I’ve created a list of things in my head that I think are good ideas, and another list of things I feel are bad ideas.  Some I share … Continue reading

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The Fair

It was Canada Day this weekend which means the fair was in town.  Hurray!  It also means fireworks, which are probably my favourite thing about this particular summer weekend.  We spent one day at the fair, going to the rodeo, … Continue reading

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