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Summer fruit

The time for apples, oranges and bananas has passed.  Really, that is about all the fruit you can get around here in the winter.  You can buy other things, like kiwis or pineapple, from time to time if it is … Continue reading

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Round two

It was humid today, just like yesterday.  The weather people were quite sure that it wouldn’t rain, up until about 4pm.  Then a severe thunderstorm watch popped up, and it is still on.  This was quite unsurprising to anyone who … Continue reading

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I think we are almost done spraying.  Just in time for us to start making hay soon.  On the plus side, it has decided to be summer outside now.  It was warm and humid today.  Excellent mosquito weather and they … Continue reading

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We were very thoughtful children.  We used to bring little bouquets of flowers inside during the summer.  We were fine in spring, with the tulips and such, but in between things like tulips and gladiolas, the pickings were slim.  So … Continue reading

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I currently smell like campfire.  I think that, no matter what campfire I am at, the smoke is attracted to me.  It doesn’t matter what side of the fire I sit on, or where the wind is coming from, or … Continue reading

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Kitchen fail

I was very excited to make a new brownie recipe today.  Caramel brownies, for lunch at church tomorrow. As I was taking them out of the oven, the pan slipped and I dropped it, upside down, onto the oven rack, … Continue reading

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So far, all I have planted for a garden is my flower beds.  I planted them just before I left for Florida.  Thus far, I think they have been watered once.  And I think that was only the flower pot … Continue reading

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