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It was calm and nice outside yesterday, which made it a very good day for burning those pesky tree piles.  We kind of wanted to burn them when the wind was southwest (it was yesterday), so that the smoke blows … Continue reading

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One of my best friends from Bible college was down for the weekend for a missions conference at the school.  It was actually her half birthday last week.  We used to make fun time out of half birthdays at school, … Continue reading

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My upstairs bathroom is undergoing a renovation.  We aren’t ripping everything out or knocking down entire wall with sledge hammers like on those shows where they flip houses, but it is kind of major, since it leaves me without my … Continue reading

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It’s winter now.  The temperature decided to take a nosedive starting on the weekend.  It went from about +3 to -21 in two days.  It’s been snowing lightly all day today.  It wasn’t windy today, which was quite a nice … Continue reading

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I had just finished my first year of college when the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out.  I think we even went to see it in the theatre that summer.  My friends and I quickly started quoting it … Continue reading

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‘Healthy’ Cookies

It has now been a couple of weeks since Christmas, and perhaps there is still some Christmas leftovers kicking around.  For example, I still have candy cane ice cream in my freezer, and fudge in my fridge.  However, all of … Continue reading

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Wind Clouds

Wind, wind, wind.  That is what has been occurring here for days.  Perhaps even weeks.  Actually, I think the day before yesterday was calm for the afternoon.  Other than that, wind.  I think it is because it is so warm … Continue reading

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