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There are a lot of Museums in New York.  We decided to only go to two of them, the Natural History Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Both were good, but the Met was definitely my favourite – we … Continue reading

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Last week I spent the week in New York City with some friends, my aunt and my cousin.  We went for a choir performance at Carnegie Hall that one of my friends and my aunt were a part of and … Continue reading

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S’mores Ice Cream Cake

Alternatively known as the best ice cream cake ever imagined.  It was, like those truffles, for the Christmas supper.  I was having difficulty choosing a dessert for that night, but who can go wrong with ice cream cake?  Especially if … Continue reading

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Last Thursday was the Fourth Annual Christmas party that I throw for my friends.  Generally we get together and eat food, open presents and, this year, we set off fireworks.  Fun times.  I make all the food, usually, and use … Continue reading

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Happy 2014!

And now for my thirteen favourite posts from 2013.  I attempted to narrow it down to ten, but gave up.  Thirteen works since it was 2013.  Looking back, I noticed I did the same thing last year and did twelve … Continue reading

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