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Perfect snowfall

It snowed pretty much perfectly yesterday, all day.  Basically no wind, just snow falling straight down.  It would be nice if there were some sort of ceiling over top of the roads though, because even though that snow falls perfectly, … Continue reading

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I have finally solved my chocolate cake craving.  As we all know from this post, my experience with the McCain cake was less than stellar.  It tasted fine and the icing, as always, was yummy, but there was not nearly … Continue reading

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Back to the freezer

Oddly, even though I hit publish, yesterday’s post didn’t publish.  So I guess there will be two posts today too.  Yesterday’s is below this one. Our lovely chinook is definitely over.  It was back to being -20 again today and, … Continue reading

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Maple Leaf Forever

It was nearly a year ago that the Olympics were held in Vancouver.  For months before that, the Olympic torch made its way across the country, carried by runners who ran a few hundred metres at a time.  Each runner … Continue reading

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Every year, at about this same time, we get a chinook.  It’s pretty nice to have break from the excessive cold and wind of the past few weeks, for some nice warm weather and wind.  So really, we always have … Continue reading

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I enjoy the old Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck/Yosemite Sam/Elmer Fudd type cartoons.  The endless cycles of trying to destroy each other with the Acme missile/rabbit trap/weapon-of-the-day is highly amusing.  Generally Bugs Bunny always comes out on top, with his adversary generally … Continue reading

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Change of plans

I had already taken today’s picture and was thinking what I should write about it.  It was turning into a pretty good story, I thought.  Then I came into the living room and noticed an odd coloured light on the … Continue reading

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