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Well, it is actually raining today, not just damp like it was last night.  I am not entirely sure how much rain we have gotten, but I am pretty sure it is more than we need at this point in … Continue reading

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August storm

Between yesterday and today, we have nearly finished my wheat field. It is doing fairly well, except for a patch where the wild oats kind of took over. Guess we’ll have to spray that earlier next year, if it isn’t … Continue reading

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Moving along

It was hot outside today. Hot, hot, hot. And humid. With not very much wind. This does not make sitting in the truck very much fun, because no matter which way you turn the truck, there is no breeze coming … Continue reading

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Blueberry Muffins

After combining all day on Friday, I arrived home to a message from one of my friends. She and a couple of friends were visiting some touristy places in the province and they happened to be around here and wondered … Continue reading

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Generally, when we have a wet year, we start seeing amphibians popping up all over the place. Nothing huge, like giant toads or anything, but little frogs and salamanders can be seeing hopping and crawling through the grass. Sometimes we’d … Continue reading

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Well, combining has started, here, finally, so be prepared for plenty of harvest related photos from now until whenever we are done. Most of my daylight hours will be spent either in the combine or the truck, so that is … Continue reading

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I took a sample of canola into town with me today to get it tested for moisture and to see how many green seeds there were in it. It struck me that we used to be able to drive five … Continue reading

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