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It snowed here again today, kind of like the other weekend.  It all stuck to the roads, made driving treacherous, and looked really nice.  Now everything is covered in a nice, fluffy white blanket.  Too bad the roads are also … Continue reading

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We went to get a new bull today.  We had owned the old bull for 2 years or so, and that is long enough, otherwise his daughters are old enough to be bred and that is not good for the … Continue reading

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Near miss

We decided a little while ago that we had a few too many steers hanging out in the corral, eating and getting large.  More than we could butcher or give away for others to butcher, anyway.  This is likely due … Continue reading

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I had a great plan when I got home from work to take a fun picture of one of my (numerous) pairs of shoes, but then I decided to have a nap instead, so most of the good light was … Continue reading

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