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I can’t really say that lilies are my favourite flower.  I much prefer roses, lilacs, tulips, daisies, etc.  Actually, it is mostly only the Easter lilies that have kind of ruined lilies for me.  They look nice enough, but they … Continue reading

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Jam and bread

I didn’t have tea, so I couldn’t use that in the title.  But, if I had tea, I totally would have named this post ‘Tea with jam and bread’, probably while singing the actual song under my breath to myself.  … Continue reading

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Far away

That is where all rain should stay currently.  Far, far away.  Too bad it is still relatively humid, so we get forecasts for thunderstorms every day.  It is very difficult to make hay when it rains just as it is … Continue reading

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Every year our community has a picnic.  Or a barbeque as the case may be.  There is a ball game first, then hamburgers and hot dogs.  Generally there is about a hundred people there.  And nearly every year we wonder … Continue reading

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One Christmas, we had almost no snow.  In fact, the only snow I think we had was a little bit up against the trees.  It was so nice that my cousins and I went for a walk down by the … Continue reading

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Nearly there

Tuesday we left our hotel on a very sunny, and hot, morning.  It was actually quite humid there too, but it wasn’t like you were all wet the second you stepped outside.  Happily our car had air conditioning.  Sunny days … Continue reading

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Well, there are still two posts to catch up on from the trip last weekend.  This one is Monday’s and the next one will be Tuesday’s.  On Monday morning, we left Minneapolis to start our trip home.  It would have … Continue reading

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