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Hugo, Fritz and Oliver

I may have mentioned this before, but I like to have a theme when naming my yearly batch of kittens.  This year I decided on famous authors.  Thus far, all the authors I have picked have been from a century … Continue reading

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Pulled Pork

I like using my crockpot.  Especially to make pulled pork.  It’s so easy.  You just rub the pork with a spice rub, plunk it into the crockpot, pour a can of Coke or Root Beer or Dr Pepper over it, … Continue reading

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The Pontiac

Just over a week ago, when my dad was hauling wheat to town, he saw an old, 1940s era car sitting on top of a truck at a scrap metal yard.  That truck was set to haul a load of … Continue reading

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Pre-Harvest Festivities

Since the actual harvest only took 5 minutes to complete, and it took until 2pm to actually get all organized and such, there was a bunch of different activities that you could participate in or watch, before the world record … Continue reading

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A Slight Diversion

I promise I will post more photos from Harvest for Kids thing, but this a short jaunt into the slightly eerie world of Northern Lights.  They were beautiful last night.  I had actually gotten ready for bed and turned out … Continue reading

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Record Set!

The new world record for most combines harvesting simultaneously on one field (about 245, still haven’t heard for sure the official number) AND the record for fastest harvest (5 minutes) was set Saturday, October 6, 2012,  just north of Saskatoon, … Continue reading

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Ready to Roll

This weekend I get to be involved in setting a world record.  A couple of months ago, at that conference we put on at church, a man asked me if I would consider  being a photographer, one of about 20 … Continue reading

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