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It is still ice cream month, and popsicles kind of qualify in my opinion.   Especially since these are more like strawberry frozen yogurt popsicles, than just plain popsicles.  I suppose I could have made ice cream and churned it part … Continue reading

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Crop Progress

After a cool and wet June, it suddenly got warmer, though not excessively hot, a couple weeks ago.  You could practically see the crops growing if you stood and watched for a while.  Now the lentils are blooming, the canola … Continue reading

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Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream

It’s ice cream month again!  Yay!  This means that once again, my ice cream barrel is regularly being traipsed up and down the stairs to the freezer.  In addition to it being ice cream season, it is also cherry season.  … Continue reading

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Happy Canada Day!

We had kind of a rainy weekend for the fair this past weekend, though not as nearly as bad as people in other parts of the province.  It was kind of showery all day on Sunday, and we feared it … Continue reading

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