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I have been looking for a photography workshop to attend for a while now.  The trouble in living in a smaller city is that it is usually the photographers that live in large cities that put on workshops/classes and they … Continue reading

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Top Twelve

Apparently this is the time of year when people come out with their top ten lists of everything for the year that just ended.  So, even though it is already the 5th of January, I shall do the same thing.  … Continue reading

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New Toys

I was in the city last weekend for an annual conference, and while there, I made two different trips to the camera store, one planned and one spur of the moment.  I went the first time to buy a lens … Continue reading

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Fertilizer is kind of strange stuff.  It gives the seeds good stuff to munch on while they are growing, so it is a useful thing as well.  All the little parts are something different for the plant.  One is nitrogen, … Continue reading

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One for one

I have terrible luck/skill at winning things.  When we were younger, my brother used to win raffles and things on a regular basis and I never did.  I bet I can count the number of times I have won something … Continue reading

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When I was in grade nine (I think), we did a unit on the Titanic.  I loved it.  We watched all sorts of documentaries, and read books and articles, and since I was in grade nine not long after the … Continue reading

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It was calm and nice outside yesterday, which made it a very good day for burning those pesky tree piles.  We kind of wanted to burn them when the wind was southwest (it was yesterday), so that the smoke blows … Continue reading

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