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Miscellaneous Things

Just like the title says, I couldn’t decide which pictures were the ones I most wanted to post.  So it’s going to be a conglomeration of things instead.   Mostly spring things, like a crocus, and a hawk on a cloudy … Continue reading

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Before and After

This was at 4:30/5pm on Friday evening. This is three hours later at 8pm. Due to these. And if my garden, inside a semi-protected yard, looks like that, you can imagine what some of the fields look like.  Even though … Continue reading

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Morning Glory

Back when I planted my garden, I scattered one packet off morning glory seeds beside my saskatoon berry fence, hoping that they would grow and climb up on the fence.  Then it rained really hard, and got kind of flooded … Continue reading

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Formal Flowers

So my friend had her formal wedding photos done several days before her wedding.  She didn’t want to pay the florist to make two whole bouquets, because that can get expensive  When she went in to order the actual wedding … Continue reading

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Flowers in Jars

One of my best friends was married yesterday.  Just after I got back from Hawaii, she asked if I would make the flowers for the pews, and help with other decorations, and I agreed.  So last Wednesday, I packed up … Continue reading

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Everyone knows that flower growers jack their prices right around Valentine’s Day.  Kind of like how gas stations jack their prices right before long weekends in the summer time.  And yet we still all buy what they are selling.  However, … Continue reading

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Purple Bouquet

For the first time in several years, I get to enjoy my gladiolas.  The deer had been making salads of them  up until this year.  They haven’t touched them yet, so I get to cut them and take them inside … Continue reading

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