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I’ve always like panoramic photos.  And even though I have Photoshop, I had never bothered to figure out how to combine a set of photos into a panoramic view.  However, it has been raining here recently, and so one evening … Continue reading

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Night Storm

On Saturday afternoon and evening there was a series of thunderstorms going around the countryside.  On the way home from the racetrack, there was a storm going on east of me, lots of sheet lightning and thunder.  I debated just … Continue reading

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Wind Clouds

Wind, wind, wind.  That is what has been occurring here for days.  Perhaps even weeks.  Actually, I think the day before yesterday was calm for the afternoon.  Other than that, wind.  I think it is because it is so warm … Continue reading

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Well, it is actually raining today, not just damp like it was last night.  I am not entirely sure how much rain we have gotten, but I am pretty sure it is more than we need at this point in … Continue reading

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It was supposed to rain here today.  Actually, there is still a chance it could rain overnight.  Stuff was just starting to get dry, so I hope that it doesn’t listen to the weatherman this time around.  Apparently, some parts … Continue reading

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