I think we are almost done spraying.  Just in time for us to start making hay soon.  On the plus side, it has decided to be summer outside now.  It was warm and humid today.  Excellent mosquito weather and they took full advantage of it.  It’s so nice to have to shower twice in one day, because of all the mosquito spray.

The crops, however, look quite nice.  Well, most of them do.  Some drowned out.  My wheat field was not one of the drowned ones, and it looks very nice.  I would go so far as to say very, very nice, but I think I will have to wait until we have harvested it, since a lot can go wrong between now and then.  For now, I will admire its green-ness.

PS.  I am now waiting out a nasty thunderstorm so I can shower and go to bed without being caught unawares by tornadoes.  Strange how the above photo can change from no clouds to the below one so suddenly.  I tried to go to the end of my driveway so the trees weren’t in the way, but it got extra windy and rainy so I stood in the safety of my doorway instead.  From a photographic stand point, I wish it had not been mostly sheet lightning, but from a life standpoint, I am happy it was.


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I'm a twenty-something who loves animals, farming, photography and cooking/baking. Luckily enough, photography works really well with the other three subjects, so I carry my camera around practically everywhere. Other than that, my life is pretty uneventful.
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One Response to Wheat

  1. Rachel says:

    That is a very nice field! Now that you’re finally getting some sun and heat the plants can put all that excess moisture to work and grow 🙂

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