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Lazy boy

It is a well established fact that my cat is pretty lazy.  He naps a lot.  He naps inside, on one of his two chairs, or the bed, or the floor.  He naps outside, on the deck, on the deck … Continue reading

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New toy

Well, not really a toy, I suppose.  But it is new and exciting.  I have have been looking into buying a new lens for my camera for a little while now.  The kit lens is nice to learn on, but … Continue reading

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Do not destroy

A long time ago (I think), someone surveyed this place.  When they did the surveying, they put up all these handy little orange angle iron poles with little silver plates engraved with the words Do Not Destroy.  I don’t actually … Continue reading

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Summer dessert

The camp weekend was fun, even if it was rainy and windy.  Today, of course, it was beautiful outside.  Sunny, warm and I even got a little bit of a sunburn.  I would have thought that after getting a tan … Continue reading

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There are numerous deer around my house.  This means, at this time of year anyway, that there are numerous baby deer, too.  I saw one the other day when I was seeding, but he was in the trees with his … Continue reading

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Our church family camp is this weekend, and as I mentioned yesterday, the weather was not cooperative.  It rained an inch between yesterday afternoon and night.  At least we didn’t get as much as some other places in the province … Continue reading

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We are under a rainfall warning.  Actually, most of the province is.  Except, of course, where it is dry up north.  They don’t get any rain.  Down here where everything is mud, though, is where we get the rain.  Good … Continue reading

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