We went to get a new bull today.  We had owned the old bull for 2 years or so, and that is long enough, otherwise his daughters are old enough to be bred and that is not good for the genetics.  So it was time for a change.  We loaded up the old one this morning.  It was actually pretty easy.  He was always quite curious about gates.  He could hear you opening the gate from a mile away, I’m sure, and he would always come running.  So Dad just opened the gate to the chute, and the curious bull went right in, no problem.  Same thing for loading him into the trailer.  It is nice to have a calm bull.

Our new one is quite a white and spotty thing.  We have had black ones the last few times, so now I imagine we will get spotty calves.  He, too, went into the trailer quite easily at his previous home.  Once he was in there, he wasn’t sure what he had got himself into.  But by the time we had gotten home, he had calmed down and was quite interested about where he was.  He had only a little window to peer out, but he did his best to see as much as he could.


About Kathy

I'm a twenty-something who loves animals, farming, photography and cooking/baking. Luckily enough, photography works really well with the other three subjects, so I carry my camera around practically everywhere. Other than that, my life is pretty uneventful.
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