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Cupcake Tower

It has been nearly two weeks since the last wedding of the year.  Just last weekend, I texted Jolene and asked her what we should do with all this free time we now had on our hands.  At the top … Continue reading

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The wheat pile on the field is not the only wheat pile that I have recently created.  Although, these ones are more like stooks than a pile of grain.  Sara asked if I would help her come up with centrepieces … Continue reading

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The Cake – Voila!

After spending most of the day before the wedding doing cake assembly and finding places to store it all, we all woke up the day of the wedding to a beautiful day.  It was to be outdoors, and Saturday was … Continue reading

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The Cake – Assembly Line

Once that mountain of cake layers was baked, they sat in the freezer for several days until the day before the wedding.  The day before we assembled, I made two of the fillings, the vanilla bean pastry cream for the … Continue reading

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The Cake: The Baking Operation

Friends of mine were married on Sunday.  Just after they got engaged in spring, they asked if I would make their wedding cake.  After some contemplation, I told them I would.  The wedding was quite large, and the cake was … Continue reading

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It may seem like I talk about weddings a lot on here.  It is for a very good reason.  Of the 8 weddings I know/knew about since February that are all occurring before December, I have been invited to 5 … Continue reading

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A July Wedding

Remember my friend that got married in April that I played florist for?  Well, her older sister, the one that I made the bouquet for a week ago, had her wedding on Wednesday.  It was a beautiful day, if a … Continue reading

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