The Cake – Voila!

After spending most of the day before the wedding doing cake assembly and finding places to store it all, we all woke up the day of the wedding to a beautiful day.  It was to be outdoors, and Saturday was kind of rainy and Monday was definitely rainy, but Sunday was perfect.  Not too hot, not windy, and no clouds.  This is very rare for Saskatchewan in August but no one was complaining.

The wedding ceremony was wonderful, and went off without a hitch.  And then, to the reception.  The two locations were about an hour away from each other, so my parents brought the cake that we had stored in their fridge.  Since I had travelled to the wedding with friends and left my truck at our church after the Sunday service, we stopped there to pick it, and the other cakes I had stored there, up.  Once we got to the bride’s farm, we took over the kitchen for the next hour or so.  The day before, Jolene and I had filled several pastry bags with the different coloured frosting, and then I packed a box with my small round icing tips, two different icing spatulas, the cake lifter, scissors and other things I thought I may need.  We set to work placing the bottom tier on the cake stand, which was the easiest tier to place.  Dad helped pick up the next tier and carefully put it in somewhere near the middle, and then top one went on.  A little bit of touching up was required where the icing had cracked a bit in traveling, but was relatively easily fixed without looking too messy.  I piped a little border of dots around each tier to cover the seam between the two cakes, then we placed the dots on the two slab cakes and we were ready to go!

Since it was still sunny, I was really worried about the icing melting, but there was a shady spot to put it, and so just before the reception started, my brother helped carefully carry it out of the house, to the backyard.  It felt like one of those cake competition shows, and we made it without it dropping or anything, hurray.  Soon it was time to eat it.  I tried to get pictures of each kind, but I missed the top tier, since it was so small and gone right away, and the bottom tier, since they weren’t quite cutting that one when our table went through the cake line.  I did get two out of the four kinds, though.  So I will just tell you what they all were.  All round cakes were vanilla bean – bottom tier filled with vanilla pastry cream, middle with lemon curd, top with raspberry whipped cream.  Both squares were chocolate filled with Oreo whipped cream.  And that is the end of my fun, occasionally stressful, experience building a wedding cake.

Shayne and Kelsey 059_resizeShayne and Kelsey 062_resizeShayne and Kelsey 110_resizeShayne and Kelsey 100_resize

Shayne and Kelsey 057_resize


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I'm a twenty-something who loves animals, farming, photography and cooking/baking. Luckily enough, photography works really well with the other three subjects, so I carry my camera around practically everywhere. Other than that, my life is pretty uneventful.
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