The Cake – Assembly Line

Once that mountain of cake layers was baked, they sat in the freezer for several days until the day before the wedding.  The day before we assembled, I made two of the fillings, the vanilla bean pastry cream for the bottom round layer, and the lemon curd for the middle round layer.  Those both needed to be cooked and then cooled, so I did them the night before.  The fillings for the squares and the top round I did the morning of Assembly Day.  The squares were filled with an Oreo whipped cream and the top round was raspberry whipped cream.

And then the frosting.  Oh my, the frosting.  I love Swiss Meringue Buttercream, but it is a finicky beast to make sometimes.  One version that I made was perfect one time, and then the next time, it separated out when I was in the middle of frosting a cake.  But Deb at Smitten Kitchen used this recipe for a wedding cake she made and said it was amazing, so I trusted her and did it.  She was right, it tasted awesome, and it stood up really well outside (in the shade) at the wedding.  It took 2.5 batches of that recipe to frost all five cakes, plus have some for the piping bags for the wedding day.

Jolene came over and really, I would have been building cakes into the wee hours of the morning if she had not come to help out.  Even so, we spent 8 hours making filling, levelling cakes, washing endless amounts of dishes (or so it seemed), speaking nicely to the KitchenAid to convince it to make 2.5 batches of frosting, filling and stacking the cakes, crumbcoating them all and dowelling the rounds for support.  Oh and tinting and rolling and cutting fondant for the dots, freaking out over the food colouring possibly not being the right type for the icing we used (gel colour is water based and sometimes doesn’t bind properly to a butter based icing – Mom went to town for oil based colour just in case, but then the gel worked after all), tinting the icing for the rounds and finally, doing the final icing job on them all.  Whew.  We got it all done though, and in the evening I boxed them all and found fridge space for them all to spend the night.  Then, sleeeeep.

The Cake 036_resize The Cake 039_resize The Cake 049_resize

The Cake 041_resize

(Oh and this is the frosting before I added the butter.  Then I forgot to take a picture later.)

The Cake 045_resizeThe Cake 048_resize


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