Ginger Ale

I like ginger ale.  I like it even when I am not sick.  You’d think that my subconcious self would associate the ginger ale with being sick and would dislike it, but that is clearly not the case here.  I like it in just about any form.  Except the green tea ginger ale.  I am not a fan of green tea in general, and in ginger ale it just doesn’t taste right to me.

Cranberry ginger ale, however, is a different story.  It only appears in the stores for a couple of months, and then it is gone again until next year.  I like adding ginger ale to actual cranberry juice,  so really this just eliminates the middle step of pouring the two together.  And, once I was looking through the photos on my computer, I realized that I had photographed the French side.  Ah well.


About Kathy

I'm a twenty-something who loves animals, farming, photography and cooking/baking. Luckily enough, photography works really well with the other three subjects, so I carry my camera around practically everywhere. Other than that, my life is pretty uneventful.
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