I went to the fair all day yesterday with friends, and by the time I got home I did not exactly feel like posting photos.  So I decided to do it this morning instead.  It was a beautiful day to be at the  fair yesterday.  Sunny and hot, and just a bit of a breeze to keep one from dying of heat.  We went to the rodeo, and a concert and then fireworks.  It was nice that it didn’t thunderstorm, since that really doesn’t go too well with those events.

Whenever July 1st does not land on the same day as the last day of the fair, we get two sets of fireworks.  One for Canada Day and one for the last fair day.  Such was the case this year.  Which made me very happy, because fireworks are probably my favourite part of the weekend.


About Kathy

I'm a twenty-something who loves animals, farming, photography and cooking/baking. Luckily enough, photography works really well with the other three subjects, so I carry my camera around practically everywhere. Other than that, my life is pretty uneventful.
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