Rain, rain….

…Go away!  In case you hadn’t guessed, it is raining right now.  They had been forecasting rain for a few days, but I was hoping they were wrong.  It turns out, they were right after all.  It seems this winter and spring they have been right a lot when it comes to predicting precipitation.  Or maybe they just get lucky a lot because it has been snowing a lot and now raining, so they figure that if they put rain on the forecast there is a pretty good chance it will.

The clouds had actually been threatening earlier in the day, but only a few little drips of rain actually fell.  Then the sun broke through and it looked like the rain was done.  When I went for chores, however, I saw that was not the case.  It looked pretty blue in the north and west, and now our seeding plans are pushed back again.


About Kathy

I'm a twenty-something who loves animals, farming, photography and cooking/baking. Luckily enough, photography works really well with the other three subjects, so I carry my camera around practically everywhere. Other than that, my life is pretty uneventful.
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