Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream

It’s ice cream month again!  Yay!  This means that once again, my ice cream barrel is regularly being traipsed up and down the stairs to the freezer.  In addition to it being ice cream season, it is also cherry season.  I have a moderate to severe cherry addiction.  Now that the fruit trucks in town are carrying BC cherries and I don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a little bag at the grocery store, the problem has only gotten worse.

Thankfully, there are numerous things that one can do with several pounds of cherries each week.  One of those things is this ice cream.  There is also cherry crisp ice cream, roasted cherry brownies, roasted cherry cake, chocolate covered cherry cupcakes, cherry fake-aritas, the list goes on.  Or you can just eat them by the bowlful, which is my usual method.

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Happy Canada Day!

We had kind of a rainy weekend for the fair this past weekend, though not as nearly as bad as people in other parts of the province.  It was kind of showery all day on Sunday, and we feared it would affect the fireworks that night, but it stopped raining half an hour or so before the fireworks and then started again afterwards.  Perfect timing.  We all know that I love fireworks, so I would be pleased if the show could go on for hours, but that would be expensive.  So even though the show was not really long, it was really good.

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Rainbow Deficiency

In the past two weeks we have experienced much more cloudy weather than sunny.  Actually, more than just cloudy.  It was rainy.  The most unfortunate thing was that even though some of that rain came in thunderstorms, they always ended once it was dark, or it never cleared off.  This has led to a severe lack of rainbows.  So, when we had to have our annual church picnic in our gym instead of in the park, I decided to bake a rainbow if we couldn’t have one in the sky.

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Slow Sunset

We finished all seeding related tasks last week, which was a great relief, since it has now been raining for several days straight.  And I was getting kind of tired of sitting in the tractor for hours at a time, going back and forth and back and forth, for the last four weeks or so.

There was several very beautiful sunsets the last week or so that I was in the tractor in the evenings.  It takes a long time for the sun to set these days, so the colours change more slowly and seem to be brighter.

Spring 2014 319b

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A Birthday Cake

One of the perks of having baking abilities is getting to choose what you want to make for a birthday cake.  Generally I have a long list of potential cakes, but this year I desired chocolate.  Just chocolate.  And then I changed my mind and added some strawberries in there for good measure.

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Strobe Lights

A little over a week ago we spent most of the day under a tornado watch.  That’s always fun.  Happily, no tornado developed, but we did get a pretty big storm out of the day.  I’m sure there is nothing more embarassing for the weather people than to tell us every hour on the news that we are going to have a huge storm, and to keep an eye on the sky, and then we just get a few drips of rain and nothing else.

This storm came upon us as we were trying to finish seeding a certain field, and we were only a couple hours from doing so.  When it became pretty clear that we’d have to leave the field, or risk not being able to make it back down the dirt road, we left.  About 20 minutes later the lightning and thunder arrived.  For the next little while it was constant sheet lightning.  Pretty much like a strobe light – I stood in my garage door and took photos, but it’s kind of hard to capture the strobe effect.  I know it looks like daylight in the pictures, but it was actually really dark outside.  There was basically no break in the thunder either – just one continous rumble.  And then it poured.  Good thing we left the field.

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Strawberry Margaritas

Well, more like strawberry fake-aritas.  Since I just didn’t add the liquor that the original recipe calls for.  More accurately, it’s just stawberry limeade with sparkling water added to make them a bit fizzy, but fake-arita has a better ring to it, I think.  Whatever you call them, they are really tasty, and very summery.  Now that we have summer type weather (well, we did until it started being rainy), I just want to make all sorts of flavours of these things.  And then sit in my patio furniture and drink them.

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