Moon Rise

It was full moon the other day, and there was not a cloud in the sky when it was rising.  The only thing that could have made it more pretty was if there had also been Northern Lights.  It was finally warm enough to stand outside at night and take pictures, since the couple of times we had Northern Lights this winter, it was so cold that it was impossible to convince yourself to go outside to look at them.  Or it was cloudy.  One of the two.

Fall 2013 674crop

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It’s Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day!  On this, the fourteenth day of the third month, we celebrate the second most perfect shape in the world.  Those of us who live in Saskatchewan know that the rectangle is nature’s most perfect shape.  But today is the circle’s day, and as such, we celebrate with pie, since it is both round and pronounced the same.  This year, I made coconut cream pie.  It is delicious.

Fall 2013 619b Fall 2013 628bI used this recipe – Coconut Cream Pie ( )  Weird coincidence – This is the second year in a row that I have made Annie’s Pi pie from the previous year.  She made this one in 2013, and the Chocolate Silk pie (that I made in 2013) in 2012.

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I promise that it didn’t take this long to come up with a name for the puppy.  It only took about a week.  Then I decided that she was a Harley, and so she has been ever since.  We’ve had here for three months now, and she is growing like a weed.  It is becoming very awkward to pick her up, but I still do it to bug her.  She loves herding cows (we’re working on getting her to do it properly) and it distresses her greatly when the cattle are not all in a group.  They must be in a group.  Turns out she is not as scared of the camera as Rusty was.

Fall 2013 535_resize

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Bus Tour

On our last day in New York, we took a hop-on/off bus tour around Manhattan.  It was actually really cold that day, and I was really glad I had stuck my mittens into my suitcase (which I kind of did as an afterthought at the airport when I was leaving).  The tour was interesting, (but freezing since the top of the buses is partly open) and we saw some pretty touristy sights that we didn’t really want to walk to, but the bus drove right by.  We hopped off close to Washington Square Park, walked to the park and took pictures of the arch, then made all haste to find a coffee shop to warm ourselves up in.  From there we went back to the 9/11 memorial site that had been closed the day before.  Before heading to the memorial, we had very delicious pizza at a little pizza place next door to the visitor’s centre.  The 9/11 site was pretty moving, actually.  The foundations of the two towers have been turned into fountains/pools and the names of all those who died in the attacks are engraved around the edges of each pool.  In one of the names, someone had placed a white rosebud earlier that day.  Apparently they are also working on a museum, which will be open in the spring.

From there we hunted until we found our bus, then ran 3 blocks to catch it before it left, because who knows how long we would have had to wait for the next one.  Then we rode for a while, past the Wall Street bull, we kind of saw the Brooklyn Bridge, past the United Nations building, and then back towards 5th Ave.  We got off back at Rockefeller Center and speed walked the mile or so to the Empire State Building so we could get up to the top to watch the sunset.  We just made it.  We spent some time way up there on the 102nd floor observation deck just watching it get dark.  Then we went to a place near Times Square and had delicious cheesecake.  And thusly ended our trip to New York.

New York 467_resize New York 485_resize New York 491_resize New York 577_resize New York 611_resize New York 633b_resize


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A mini-blizzard

The Tuesday of our NYC trip we had tickets booked for the ferry that takes you to The Statue of Liberty and then to Ellis Island.  Unfortunately, there was a snowstorm forecasted for Tuesday.  So, naturally, we put on more layers, and went anyway.  A little snow doesn’t hurt anyone.  Besides, the worst of the storm wasn’t supposed to hit until later in the afternoon.  The ferry ride was kind of cold, and we couldn’t see the skyline of the city, but we did see the statue itself.  And we got to climb up nearly 200 steps inside the pedestal.  Because of the weather we couldn’t go out onto the walkway, but we did wander through the museum and found out how they built it, which was quite interesting.

Ellis Island was really good, too.  They are still doing repair work from Hurricane Sandy on it, so there was only one main building open, the building where all the new immigrants used to make their way through before being admitted onto the mainland.  By the time we got back to the mainland on the ferry, it was actually snowing harder.  We were going to go to the 9/11 Memorial, but when we got to the visitor centre, they told us it had closed already due to the weather.  So we went to Starbucks to warm up, wandered around souvenir stores for a while and went out for supper at a really nice Italian place near our hotel instead.  New York 413_resize New York 423_resize


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5th Avenue

On the Monday of our trip to NYC, my cousin, aunt and I walked over to 5th Ave to peruse the expensive stores.  It was quite fun.  We went into FAO Schwartz, the giant toy store; we went into Tiffany’s and observed all the very expensive jewellery.  Pam asked the one doorman where there more affordable items were, and he directed us to the sterling silver jewellery and housewares section.  We also discovered that ‘affordable’ to Tiffany’s still means ‘expensive’ to us, hahaha.  We went into one of Mr Trump’s buildings, but did not get to see him or his hair.  Then our aunt had to go back for practice, so we kept going.  In the Lindt chocolate store we made probably our best purchase of the entire trip.  They were having a sale.  150 Lindt truffles for 40 bucks.  Yum.

From there we took a tour of Radio City Music Hall, which was very interesting.  Then we walked to the Library, and then to Grand Central Station, which was fairly awesome.  It apparently turned 100 last year, which seems pretty old for a train station to still be used by the public.  On our way back to the hotel we walked through Bryant Park, which is where they hold (or at least used to hold) New York Fashion Week.  Currently it was holding a large skating rink which was packed with people.  Then in the evening we got all dressed up and went to Carnegie Hall for the concert.  So, a long day, but a good one.

New York 297_resize New York 324_resize New York 354_resize

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There are a lot of Museums in New York.  We decided to only go to two of them, the Natural History Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Both were good, but the Met was definitely my favourite – we saw the Greek and Roman statues (how did they manage to carve marble so it looked like draped fabric?), the European paintings, and an Egyptian temple, the temple of Dendur.  And other things, but those are the major ones.  Although the Natural History Museum did have dinosaurs, so that was pretty great, and lots of the fossils they had were actually discovered in Alberta.

We conquered the subway to get to the Natural History Museum, and to get from one Museum to the other, we walked through Central Park.  I imagine it is a very pretty place when the trees are all green, and such, but it was quite pretty now in winter too.

New York 080_resize

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