Standing Wheat

So this post is really late, but better late than never, right?  One Sunday evening, several days before we finished combining (over a month ago, that is), the sunset was very promising, so I went out to the non-hailed-out wheat field to take a few pictures.  Good thing I did so, because I think we combined that one the next day, and taking pictures of a hailed out crop just wouldn’t have turned out so well.

Fall 2014 144_resize Fall 2014 197_resize

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Harvest Sunsets

One of the nicest things about having really nice, clear, calm evenings when combining is the very pretty sunsets that occur.  We are actually finished harvest (finished last week, yay), but I have a little backlog of pictures that I took whilst out in the field.  So I’m a little behind, but oh well.  Fall 2014 086bFall 2014 096b

Ok, this one is technically a moon-rise but it occurred during sunset.

Fall 2014 050b



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If you don’t know the story behind ‘Moosen’, go to youtube and search for Brian Regan Stupid in School.  It’s pretty funny, in my opinion.

Sometimes, we get moose wandering through here on their way to or from wherever they are going to and from from.  I saw a couple of cow moose the other day when I was on my way back to the field.  In an effort to not scare them away, I had drive slowly along on the other side of the trees, and then stand on the back of the truck to be able to see through a hole in the trees.  And then they stood and posed nicely.

Fall 2014 066_resize


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Feed Me

Annoying Human.  Why are you not feeding me?  You say I must pose first?  Fine.  Fall 2014 026_resize

Now, feed me, I command thee.   Fall 2014 014_resize

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National Dog Day

It’s National Dog Day!  Apparently a day to serve your dog breakfast in bed, or take it on an extra long walk or give it ice cream or something.  And a day to donate to your local animal shelter or rescue organization, many of whom do great work in helping retrieve animals from abusive and unfortunate situations, and then rehabilitating and offering them a new and happy life.  Here’s mine, giving sad eyes that I told her to stay, so I could take a picture of her in a stationary pose, and also watching a cat cross the yard.  A cat she could not race after, since I was standing right there.

Spring 2014 662_resize Spring 2014 688_resize

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Construction Zone

My nephew turned two today.  His birthday party had a construction theme, complete with many tractor/truck related gifts.  So naturally, the cake needed to reflect the construction theme also.  My sister-in-law found a picture of what she wanted it to look like, and we constructed (see what I did there?) a pretty good replica, made of my very favourite chocolate cake and chocolate frosting.  All Braden wanted to do was play with the tractors on the cake.  After all, why eat cake when you can lie on the ground and drive trucks?Spring 2014 632b

Spring 2014 620b  Spring 2014 641b



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I haven’t made much jam in my life.  Some raspberry stuff a few years ago, but that’s about it.  However, there is no time like the present to do such things.  Especially when one buys way too much summer fruit, and can’t eat it all before it starts to go bad.  This weekend, I had a whole bunch of cherries and peaches that were both getting a bit on the ripe side.

So I made two different kinds of jam – cherry and peach vanilla bean.  Both are quite good, although I got a little carried away with the vanilla bean in the peach jam because one pod looked a little dry and I scraped out another one just in case, so next time I think I’d only scrape one pod instead.  The cherry is a little more on the syrupy side than the jammy side, since I didn’t have enough pectin, but it tastes good!  So I consider this round a success.

Spring 2014 566b Spring 2014 604b

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